May 28, 2015

I broke my garbage disposal

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This Memorial Day, in a single morning, I managed to break and subsequently fix my garbage disposal. Here’s what went down: While maniacally cleaning out my pantry, I discovered two half-canisters of expired flour and, being of incredibly unsound mind, decided to dump the flour down the sink. (Note: If you are ever in this situation, dump it in the garbage.) As you can imagine, the flour and water formed a paste (did anyone else’s mind immediately go here?) and clogged up the sink and garbage disposal real nice. After about an hour of googling and using some very questionable tactics that I’d rather not repeat here for fear of backlash, since we all know that lots of plumbers read this blog, I managed to get both the drain and the disposal unclogged and running pretty much back to normal.

Although everything worked out okay in the end, my bout with the garbage disposal got me to thinking about home repairs, and how, save for this rare instance of keep-trying-until-something-works, I tend to call up the experts whenever something goes wrong. In a couple of years, we’re planning on buying a bigger home, and we’ve been toying with the idea of hanging onto our Pearl condo as a rental property. While this sounds good in theory, the reality of having to maintain two homes seems daunting (and expensive!).

So I’m curious – How do you handle home maintenance? Are you a do-it-yourselfer, or do you bring in the experts? I might start doing more home repair myself, now that I know I can. Popsugar has a list of 7 home repairs that are easy(ish) to tackle – maybe I’ll start there. I also found this article and this thread helpful for sussing out some of my questions about renting out our condo, in case you’re in the same boat.


March 25, 2015


veronica loves archie

Can you believe it’s already the end of March?! Time is flying by at warp speed these days, but at least that means summer is on its way, and with it, longer days, more outdoor adventures, and a generally slower pace. (Summer hours anyone?) Hope you had a great month, and here are a few links we’re browsing lately…

A genius styling tip.

This music concierge app is a game-changer. The “morning inspiration: rap and R&B” station is a personal favorite.

When owners start to resemble their pets.

Need these shorts for summer.

A beautiful kitchen makeover.

There have been moments when I would easily pay double (even triple) for this service.

This sandal trend is everywhere right now.

Made us laugh.

Pinned just about every one of the recipes in this collection.

J.Crew in a tube. Yasssss.

Fashion photo via veronica loves archie.


February 26, 2015

portland map


Have you seen these graphic map prints from Archie’s Press? As far as city reference guides go, this one of Portland is pretty spot on (and really puts into perspective just how small the city is!). Per the Archie’s Press website, “The original sketch came from a question many visitors and recent immigrants ask: ‘What’s North Portland?'” As a native Portlander, I’m a little ashamed to admit I’ve often wondered the same thing.

You can buy the prints online at Urban Outfittersvarious retailers or directly from Archie’s Press at Etsy. Which is your favorite?


February 17, 2015

modernism week

Hello Kitty
Gallery Wall
I landed in Palm Springs yesterday afternoon just in time to celebrate Modernism Week. Palm Springs Modernism Week is an annual celebration of mid-century architecture and modern design, art, fashion and culture. It features more than 100 events including home tours, films, lectures, cocktail parties, walking and bike tours, live music events, and more. Sounds pretty fabulous, right?

We stopped in at one of the featured home tours last night, and wanted to share a few photos I thought were fun. I really loved the TV and gallery wall frames in the media room, made the entire wall feel like a big piece of art. I definitely plan on using this concept in the future. I also loved the bold printed wallpaper used in the bathroom, and the mostly white interiors.

Have a great week!


October 21, 2014

shop the season: fall candles

fall candlesPhoto: Luelle Mag

Is there a time of year more celebrated than the beginning of fall? Having enjoyed a long, gorgeous summer to its fullest, I think I’m finally ready to bundle up in my chunkiest sweaters, drink grande almond milk lattes, and delight in the sights and smells of a new season. I’m also stocking up on candles in fall’s richest scents – one of my favorite ways to celebrate the change in seasons – to warm up these dark, crisp fall evenings. The glow they cast through my apartment is simply beautiful. Check out my selections below.

rewinedRewined Pinot Noir Rewined ($28)

jo-maloneJo Malone Incense and Ambers ($65)

Barr-CoBarr-Co. Fir and Grapefruit ($36)



Good Candle Bayberry ($25)


Boulangerie Pumpkin Soufflé ($16)