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Twelfth Avenue is a Portland-based lifestyle blog co-written by two friends, Natalie Howes and Kelsey Knecht. We keep things pretty personal around here, filling these pages with our passion for style, food and adventure. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration, travel tips, tried and true recipe recommendations, or just a funny picture of Kelsey’s family pug, Maverick, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Gail Lamm

    Looking forward to your blog postings! Happy New Year!

  • Linda Layne

    Hi, not sure if I subscribed, but I’d like to! When I click the subscribe button, the page jumps but I don’t find a place to leave an email. Or does it automatically know my email? Same thing happened on my iPad. my email is laynelinda@yahoo.com.

    • Natalie

      Hi Linda! Enter your email address on the line that says “email address” above the subscribe button and then click the subscribe button. Hope you like the new blog!

  • Irene from Freshleesqueez'd

    Hi Natalie + Kelsey! I’m looking to plan a long weekend trip to Portland at the end of Oct and would love your thoughts on what to do, eat, see and shop! I’m a visual designer, hubby is architect, and we’re bringing our 4 month old with us. I just discovered your blog and it looks like you ladies appreciate a lot of the same design aesthetics, tastebud needs and fun that we do. Would love any recc’s you may have. Thanks so much in advance! xx

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