February 19, 2016

baby registry

The Ultimate Baby Registry | TWELFTH-AVENUENow that I have a couple months of baby raising under my belt, I feel like I can finally share my insights on the “stuff” that makes taking care of a baby just a little bit easier. Back when I was first registering for baby gifts, I felt completely overwhelmed by the number of products on the market to the point that I was having daily text conversations with my mom friends about what I really needed versus what I could live without. The bottom line is that every family is different – what one baby likes, another baby hates – and sometimes you just have to wait and see what works for your little bundle once he or she arrives. (That’s why an Amazon Prime account is definitely a must-have!)

That being said, if I was building my registry today, these are the items I would include. (Click Read More to see.)

A few facts about my family to keep in mind:

  • We currently live in a condo downtown, so I intentionally left off bulky items that we don’t need immediately like a high chair and next-size-up car seat.
  • I breastfeed and pump, so my feeding necessities are probably different than those for formula-fed babies.
  • We kept baby’s gender a mystery, so these items are gender neutral.





Nuna Pipa car seat. $299.95. Best car seat in the world. Lightweight, comfortable for baby, and super easy to load in and out of the car. Plus, it looks good.

Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. $249.99. Living in the city, I use my stroller almost every single day to run errands and take Spencer for walks. This one is so easy to maneuver and folds up with the pull of a handle. Love.

Baby Jogger car seat adapter. $29.95. Infants are too small to ride in the regular stroller seat, so I need this adapter to attach my car seat to the stroller.

Baby Jogger parent console. $29.95. The perfect little caddy for all of my essentials – keys, wallet, coffee and chapstick. Keeps my hands free for stroller pushing and baby cheek squeezing.

Skip Hop diaper bag. $65. Tons of compartments and a fold-out, padded changing station. Utility at its finest.

Ergo 360 ($160) with infant insert ($25). The first time I took Spencer out on my own, I bundled him up in the Ergo and enjoyed a decaf latte at the bakery down the street. I felt like he was very safe and secure in his little cocoon. Also, when Phil wears him in the Ergo…heart melter.

Solly wrap. $65. Because I love my stroller so much, it actually took me two months to finally bust out my Solly wrap. Now that I have, I cannot get enough! Baby wearing is so much fun. Phil calls me a kangaroo when I have Spencer wrapped up in it.

Safety mirror. $14.99. To see what all of the fuss is about in the back seat.

Stroller blanket. $7.99. Something soft and snuggly to tuck around him when he’s in the car seat. Especially important if you have a winter baby.




Baby Registry | SLEEPING

Rock ‘n Play. $74.99. Although I didn’t register for it, I ended up borrowing a Rock ‘n Play from my friend about one month after Spencer was born, and it was a total game-changer for good sleep. #1 item on my list.

Nuna travel crib. $179.95. When Spencer outgrows the Rock ‘n Play, we’ll need a travel crib for road trips and whatnot. This one is super easy to set up.

Aden + Anais swaddles. Prices vary. Although my baby hates to be swaddled, most babies love it, so I would be remiss if I did not include swaddle blankets on here. Hopefully my next baby will get some use out of them!

Summer Infant baby monitor. $199.99. Gotta love a baby monitor that syncs up to your iPhone.




Medela breast pump. $269.99. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I love my breast pump with its little tote. Easy to move around and keeps all of my accessories in one place.

Medela breastmilk storage bags. $15.79 for 50. These bags make it easy to pump and save milk for future use. Like that 4-day trip to LA I’ll be taking in a couple of months.

Medela quick-clean steam bags. $4.79. We don’t run our dishwasher every day, so it’s nice to have these steam bags on hand to quickly sanitize bottles and pump parts.

Lansinoh breast pads. $9.99 for 100. I wore these 24/7 for the first few weeks and now wear them at night so I don’t ruin my pajamas and sheets with leaking breastmilk.

Comotomo bottles. $23.99 for 2. I tried Medela, Tommee Tippee and Comotomo bottles, and Comotomo was definitely the best. Get 5 oz slow flow for when baby is a newborn and 8 oz for when baby is older.

Dishwasher basket. $7.99. Keep all of those pump and bottle parts safe and secure in the dishwasher.

Burp cloths. $14.99 for 10. I go through several of these every day. So handy to keep in the diaper bag (and all over the house) to clean up the inevitable messes baby makes.

Boppy pillow. $29.99. Makes nursing a lot more comfortable. Get a cute cover.

**I can’t find them online, but I need to mention that Gilligan & O’Malley (a Target brand?) make a seamless, tagless, crossover nursing bra that I love. Literally the only bra I wear these days. I have one in nude and one in black and wash them constantly.




Keekaroo Peanut changing pad. $98.95. Another of my favorite items, the Keekaroo changing pad is super easy to clean, which is especially important when you have a baby boy. Spencer loves hanging out on his changing pad. I get some of his best smiles while he’s laying there post-diaper change.

Ubbi diaper pail. $69.99. A small, semi-stylish diaper pail that keeps the smell at bay. We tried to get away with not using one for a while, but it just wasn’t worth the hastle.

Pampers Swaddlers newborn diapers. $51.99 for 240. Yes, Honest diapers are way cuter than Pampers, but Pampers are the best. They just are.

Wipes warmer. $24.33. This is one of those luxury items that I thought was too silly to include on my registry. But my mom was convinced that Spencer didn’t like the cold wipes on his bottom, so she bought me one, and sure enough, he stopped crying during diaper changes! Now it’s my go-to shower gift for other expecting moms.




Puj tub. $44.99. We love bath time in our house. This little in-sink tub keeps Spence nice and secure while we scrub him up.

Ducky towel. $34. Too cute for words.

Bamboo washcloths. $15.95. The gentlest washcloths for baby’s soft skin.

Honest gift set. $49.95. All of the best Honest products, including our favorite shampoo/body wash and healing balm.




Activity gym. $75. Spencer loves this activity gym. It is the perfect place for him to hang out and work on his motor skills while I get ready in the morning. Win-win.

Nuna Leaf. $219.95. Stylish baby gear can be hard to find, which is why I love Nuna’s product line so much. This baby seat looks nice in our living room, and although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of, say, a mamaRoo, Spencer is quite content hanging out in it.

On the Night You Were Born. $7.99. Makes me cry happy tears every time. Such a sweet book.

Wubbanubs. $12.95. Spence seems to love cuddling up to his little animals while sucking on his pacifier. The animal also keeps the pacifier from flying all over the place when he inevitably spits it out…and wants it five seconds later.




Old Navy zip jammies. $12.60. Jammies with zippers > jammies with buttons. Trust me on this.

Hanna Andersson footless jammies. $35. If your baby is tall like mine, footless jammies are where it’s at.

Mini Boden everything. Prices vary. This is one of my favorite baby clothing brands. Fun and colorful without going into tacky territory. I just ordered these for Spencer – too cute for words.

Little Me jammies and hat. $18. This was my absolute favorite outfit of Spencer’s. My mom was sure that he was going to be tiny, so she bought it in a preemie size, and sure enough, it was the only thing that fit his little body for a while!

Carter’s micro fleece sleep sack. $15-25. Now that Spencer’s sleeping in his crib, where it’s dangerous to use blankets, we keep him warm in a fleece sleep sack. The owl print one is my favorite.

Carter’s white onesies. $13 for 5. Nothing cuter than a baby in a white onesie.




NoseFrida. $15.99. Babies can’t blow their noses, so you have to suck their boogers out, and the NoseFrida is the best way to do it. Not as gross as it sounds, I promise. And my son thinks it’s hilarious.

Safety 1st nail clippers. $5.98. Terrifies me to use them, but you gotta do it. Those little nails are sharp!

Nightlight. $48. Nighttime diaper changes can be very disruptive to baby’s sleep if you have to turn on the overhead light. I’ve changed many a midnight diaper by the glow of this nightlight.


I think that about does it! I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple of things, but honestly, as long as you have diapers, a way of feeding the baby, and a sturdy set of arms, you should be fine. The stuff just makes it a whole lot easier.