January 12, 2016

and then there were three

IMG_6369Thought I’d share a few more photos from our newborn/family shoot with the talented Nakalan McKay. Spencer was only two-and-a-half weeks old when these photos were taken, and I must say, he behaved like a pro, sleeping through most of the shoot. I’m really going to miss this tiny, sleepy newborn phase, but I’m also excited to watch Spencer grow. He’s changed so much in only 6 weeks of life! Just the other day, he started smiling these big, cheesy grins. I love him so much!

IMG_6349 IMG_6593 IMG_6667 IMG_6526 IMG_6574 IMG_6779 IMG_6708 IMG_6714 IMG_6518 IMG_6761 IMG_6347IMG_6307IMG_6814 IMG_6569IMG_6835IMG_6269Huge thanks to Nakalan for capturing our little family of three so beautifully!