March 9, 2016

the best part of house of cards


claire-underwoodIt’s no secret that we’re big House of Cards fans over here, and although the show has its ups and downs (season 3 was not the best), the one consistent highlight is…

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March 3, 2016

gift ideas

giftIs there any better feeling than giving someone a gift that they absolutely love? Someone once told me that people typically gift what they themselves would like to receive, which made me think about giving gifts in a totally different way. If you’re looking for ideas, here’s a collection of gifts that I’ve found to be very well received…

printFor the friend with the beautifully decorated apartment…

Framed artwork. Art can be deeply personal, so tread carefully here, but a framed piece of artwork is a thoughtful (and beautiful) gift for someone with an eye for interiors. The Urban Outfitters print shop is my go-to for cool prints, particularly anything by Max Wanger or Portland-native Kevin Russ. You can buy the prints already framed, or frame them yourself. (I usually go with some version of the Ribba frame from Ikea.)

bobbi-brownFor the friend with beautiful eyes…

Bobbi Brown eye palette. I have been on both the giving and receiving end of one of these gorgeous eye palettes, and let me tell you, nothing feels more deliciously indulgent than luxurious makeup. The packaging is beautiful as well.

chefstableFor the friend who considers eating a hobby…

A gift certificate to a hot new restaurant. Gift certificates usually seem like a cop-out, but I put a lot of thoughtful consideration into selecting the perfect restaurant. (The ChefStable gift card is a great option for Portlanders.)

baseball-capFor the friend whose style is always on point… 

A linen baseball cap. Classic baseball caps are all the rage right now, and you don’t have to worry about the whole sizing issue. When it comes to fashion, I’ve found that accessories are much easier (and safer) to gift than clothes.

jo-maloneFor the friend who has everything…

A Jo Malone candle. Never fails.

What would you add to this list?


March 2, 2016

top ten portland bites

top-ten-portland-bitesOne of the best things about living in Portland is the food. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to the amazing restaurants, bars, food carts and donut shops scattered throughout the city. On any given weekend, you can find us posted up in a coffee bar, guzzling beers at a local brewery, or sharing small plates at one of our favorite restaurants, and most nights end with some sort of sweet treat on the way home.

So what are the best bites in Portland right now? Sharing our top ten below.

  1. Radicchio salad at Tasty + Alder.
  2. Pok Pok’s famous chicken wings.
  3. Morning coffee and donuts from Blue Star.
  4. The ‘green machine’ roll at Bamboo Sushi.
  5. Take out panang curry from Red Onion on NW 23rd Ave.
  6. Anything and everything at Ava Gene’s.
  7. A scoop of Stumptown coffee ice cream at Salt & Straw.
  8. Sizzle Pie’s KARP pizza, with leftovers for breakfast.
  9. A glass of red at the bar at Irving St. Kitchen.
  10. The tacos at ¿Por Qué No?


February 23, 2016

love notes

Love Notes, February 2016

{on repeat}

Love Notes, February 2016, 2

{a superbowl spread to end all superbowl spreads}

Love Notes, February 2016, 3

{it would be embarrassing to admit how many times I’ve frequented por que no in the past two weeks…}

Love Notes, February 2016, 5

{breakfast at seastar bakery}


February 19, 2016

baby registry

The Ultimate Baby Registry | TWELFTH-AVENUENow that I have a couple months of baby raising under my belt, I feel like I can finally share my insights on the “stuff” that makes taking care of a baby just a little bit easier. Back when I was first registering for baby gifts, I felt completely overwhelmed by the number of products on the market to the point that I was having daily text conversations with my mom friends about what I really needed versus what I could live without. The bottom line is that every family is different – what one baby likes, another baby hates – and sometimes you just have to wait and see what works for your little bundle once he or she arrives. (That’s why an Amazon Prime account is definitely a must-have!)

That being said, if I was building my registry today, these are the items I would include. (Click Read More to see.)

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