December 31, 2015

52 resolutions for 2016

52 Resolutions | TWELFTH AVENUEThe other day, as I was perusing Pinterest, I came across an interesting concept for making (and keeping) new year’s resolutions. Rather than making a handful of resolutions for the entire year, you make one resolution per week. The idea is that, by breaking up your resolutions into smaller increments, you are more likely to stick to them than if you tried to do (or not do) one thing for an entire year. Cool, huh? I’m going to take this approach for 2016. Some of my weekly resolutions include drinking hot water with lemon every morning, taking the baby for a daily walk, and turning off all electronics 20 minutes before bed.

Are you making any new year’s resolutions this year? Wishing you all a very happy, healthy new year and lots of love in 2016!