November 26, 2015

what to binge on netflix this weekend

Maybe you ate too much Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe you hung out with your friends from home a little too hard and are nursing a hangover. Maybe you don’t need an excuse, other than four blissful days in a row off work. Whatever your reason, Thanksgiving weekend is practically designed for camping out on the couch and watching Netflix until your eyeballs fall out. Here’s what you should be bingeing on Netflix this weekend.

Master-of-NoneMaster of None

At a glance: A smart, honest comedy series from Aziz Ansari that addresses racism, sexism and millennial angst head-on.

Why I love it: It’s like a toned-down version of Aziz Ansari’s best stand-up comedy.

Why you’ll love it: Sharp observations about life and culture in modern-day NYC.

Friday-Night-LightsFriday Night Lights

At a glance: All of the drama of small-town Texas high school football.

Why I love it: Tim Riggins.

Why you’ll love it: Tim Riggins.

30-for-3030 for 30

At a glance: A series of documentary films highlighting important people and events in sports history.

Why I love it: The personal side of sports in “Brian and the Boz”.

Why you’ll love it: An honest look at the pitfalls of college recruiting in “The Best That Never Was”.

Peaky-BlindersPeaky Blinders

At a glance: A gritty crime drama set in post-WWI Birmingham, England.

Why I love it: The hot English accents and old-school gangster swagger.

Why you’ll love it: Cillian Murphy’s star turn as crime boss Tommy Shelby. (Tony Soprano who?)


At a glance: A hilarious, quirky hospital sitcom that is supposedly the most accurate portrayal of the medical profession on TV.

Why I love it: Characters so heartfelt that they brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

Why you’ll love it: The JD/Turk bromance.


At a glance: A dark family drama set in the Florida Keys that puts sibling loyalty to the ultimate test.

Why I love it: Coach Taylor Kyle Chandler.

Why you’ll love it: Complex characters and a plotline that keeps you guessing right up until the end.


images via Vanity Fair, Grantland  Great American Sports Network, Fast CompanyABC News, Plugged In