November 25, 2015

reading list


Purity: A Novel by Jonathan Franzen. I haven’t read a “heavy” book since my trip to England/Italy last summer, and while I enjoyed plenty of light reading since then, I miss the feeling of immersing myself in some more serious reading material. This novel is being touted as “the most daring and penetrating book yet by one of the major writers of our time” – just the thing I’m looking for.

Salad Love by David Bez. This cookbook is the culmination of Bez’s year-long effort to create one new salad every day using seasonal, healthy ingredients. As someone who desperately needs to infuse fresh vegetables into her winter diet, I could use the inspiration.

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. As one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, Rhimes epitomizes the term “girl boss,” so I was shocked to read that she actually identifies as an introvert. Her hilarious memoir reveals how she went from a work-obsessed homebody to a self-empowered badass by saying “yes” to everything that scared her for an entire year.

Brooklyn by Tolm Coibin. The book is always better than the movie, and the movie based on this book is supposed to be really, really good. The real question is, am I patient enough to wait to see the movie until I’ve finished the book? Mmmmmm probably not.