November 24, 2015

happy (almost) thanksgiving!

image via Cup of Jo

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you traveling or staying home? Allen is headed off to the east coast to his family, while I stay in town to spend the holiday with mine. Natalie is also staying close to home (and the hospital!) while she waits out baby Howes’s impending arrival with family in Portland.

In keeping with tradition from last year, we are sharing some fun alternatives to classic Thanksgiving recipes. What are you looking forward to eating on Thursday? Will you be celebrating turkey day with a traditional feast, or something totally different? (Like our friend Michelle’s Asian-style Thanksgiving tradition – love this idea!)

INSTEAD OF: Green Salad

TRY THIS: Kale Salad with Pomegranate and Pepita

This salad showed up in my Instagram feed the other day, and I’m dying to try it. The garlicky-acidic dressing paired with pomegranate and pepita will provide a nice bite against the other Thanksgiving flavors – and add a nice pop of color too!

INSTEAD OF: Green Bean Casserole

TRY THIS: Jalapeno Corn Casserole

Okay, so maybe this isn’t new and exciting to some, but my grandmother has been gracing the Thanksgiving table with this deliciously spicy corn casserole for years. And it’s one of my favorites. My sister is trying her hand at it this year, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

– Kelsey

INSTEAD OF: Stuffing

TRY THIS: Spinach Gruyere Pretzel Stuffing

Confession: I hate traditional stuffing. You know, the kind you cook inside the turkey and pump with celery, white bread and chicken stock? (I seriously just gagged thinking about it.) That’s why I am so jazzed about this recipe for what is basically my favorite pub snack in stuffing form. A welcome addition to any Thanksgiving table I’m sitting at, that’s for sure.

INSTEAD OF: Sweet Potato Casserole

TRY THIS: Caramelized Sweet Potato and Kale Wild Fried Rice

This recipe has been sitting on my Fall/Winter Recipes pin board for a couple of weeks now, and I think Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to make it in real life. What is really selling me on this side dish are the textures – the chewiness of the wild rice, soft bite of the sweet potato and crunch of the roasted pepitas. Although I committed to dessert this year, this recipe is so tempting that I might just have to bring two dishes to Thanksgiving dinner.

– Natalie