October 28, 2015


October flew by at a pace we can’t even comprehend. Between weekend travel, football games and baby showers, I don’t think we had a free weekend between us all month. Looking forward to a less busy and much cozier November as we slide into the holiday season (and baby Howes’s due date!). Hope you all are having a beautiful fall, and here are a few fun links we’re browsing lately…

New girl crush alert.

Can’t stop watching this video (from our permanent girl crush).

Speaking of which, it was only a matter of time.

Obsessed with these at the moment.

Everyone and their mom is wearing this shoe trend.

Will it taco?

This beautiful hair tutorial sort of kind of maybe makes us want to grow out our hair.

The nightly routines of 15 successful women.

Stocking up on these for an upcoming hospital stay (wink wink).

Made us laugh.

(Top photo via Instagram.)

xKelsey & Natalie