August 27, 2015

wednesdate night

wednesdate-nightPhil and I have accidentally fallen into a new routine. Every Wednesday, after getting home from work, we pick a restaurant in the neighborhood and go on a little date. It’s a great way to break up the week and get some quality time in (won’t just be the two of us much longer!), and I still get to turn in by my regular 9pm bedtime without feeling like a snoozer loser. It is a school night after all. Recent “Wednesdate nights”, as Phil coined them (or so he thinks :)), include sharing a pretzel at Deschutes Brewery, doubling up on cheeseburgers at Little Big Burger, and noshing on organic Chinese with fresh ginger ales at Seres. We also tend to swing by the grocery store on our way home for a couple of odds and ends and a sweet treat, like sharing a pack of green apple Hi-Chews.

What is your dating routine? Is it unconventional? Spontaneous? Low key? I’d love to hear! (Also, would you ever try this on a date night? I think I’m too much of a control freak…)

Photo is from last week’s Wednesdate night to Seres.