August 6, 2015

first trimester favorites

One of the coolest things about pregnancy is that every woman’s experience is different. These are some of the products that I found especially helpful during my first trimester – skin savers, sanity savers, and those oh-so-important snacks. Thought I’d share in case any of you are experiencing similar “issues”. What products did you love during pregnancy?

Belvita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits. $18.98 for a 3-pack. Every morning, at about 9:30, I would get hit by a wave of nausea. These biscuits were the greatest relief. I must have gone through a dozen boxes of these biscuits during my first trimester!

Nike Lunarglides. $89.97. Remember that half-marathon I ran back in April? Well, turns out I was about 2 months pregnant at the time. (Might explain my excruciating joint pain and slower-than-expected finish!) Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of incline walking to keep in shape, and these shoes are still providing ample support on the treadmill and hiking trails.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting App. Free. The best pregnancy app in my opinion. WTE delivers daily tips, funny stories, and the latest baby news in an easily digestible format. (Read: Brief.) I literally count down the days until my next weekly WTE video, when I can see what sort of new trick my baby has picked up, like a sense of taste or growing eyebrows.

Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins. Price varies. Prenatal vitamins are a necessary evil during pregnancy. These are the best of the best. Horse pills, yes, but effective horse pills.

Vitamix. $499.95. Like many pregnant woman, intense food aversions kept me out of the kitchen for a majority of my first trimester. For weeks on end, all I wanted to eat were carbs, and the only way I could stomach vegetables was when they were blended into fruit smoothies. Thank god for my Vitamix and prenatal vitamins, or this baby would have some serious nutrient deficiencies.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream. $33.99. Not sure if it’s attributable to the cream or genetics, but I’ve been slathering this stuff all over my boobs and belly since day one, and so far, I’m stretch mark-free!

A Child Is Born. $16.02. My mom gave me this book after I told her we were expecting. She read (and loved) the original edition when she was pregnant with me, and even though I have much more information at my fingertips than she did during her pregnancy – thanks Internet! – it is still the first place I turn for photos of baby’s development and loads of “scientific” pregnancy information. I’ve read it cover to cover and still find myself grabbing it off the shelf to peruse a few pages every week.

Bringing Up Bebe. $7.99 Kindle/$11.45 paperback. I’m not big on parenting books, but I couldn’t put this one down! It’s funny, relatable and so intriguing. Although I don’t plan on adopting every principle of “French parenting”, there are some fundamental ideas (and a few tips and tricks!) I will be putting to use when Baby Howes arrives on the scene.