August 3, 2015

an (overdue) announcement


If you follow me on Instagram, this won’t come as a shock, but… I am thrilled to share the news that we’re expecting a baby in early December! I’m just over halfway through my pregnancy, and although we’re not finding out the gender, my 20-week ultrasound did reveal that our little peanut is growing like a weed, clocking in at almost a pound in weight and seven inches in length. He/she is an active little thing, kicking and wiggling all day long. (It was incredible to see baby’s kicks on the screen as I felt them in my belly during the ultrasound.) We are over-the-moon excited to welcome this little one into the world in just a few short months.

So far, I’ve had a fairly easy, routine pregnancy with the usual ailments – first trimester morning sickness, heartburn, food aversions – as well as some less common symptoms like groin pain and mild sciatica. Oh, and then there’s my expanding waistline. I hate the idea of buying a bunch of maternity wear, so I’ve been squeezing into my pre-pregnancy clothes as much as possible. This top was a wonderful, cheap find at ASOS Maternity and will grow with me through the rest of my pregnancy. The shorts, on the other hand, are old (like, high school old), low-waisted True Religions that are barely holding on beneath my little belly. I feel like I need one great pair of maternity jeans, and I’m debating between these ones and these ones. What do you think? Any other tips on where to find other cute (and cheap!) maternity wear?