May 21, 2015

current events

beesImage via The Hill

As embarrassing as this is to admit, I am lousy at staying on top of relevant current events. I can tell you who’s dating who in Hollywood, what Rachel’s hair looked like in every season of FRIENDS, and which famous food blogger is developing her second book (it’s Deliciously Ella – yay!), but I have a hard time recalling the state of affairs in the Middle East. It’s sad, really.

That’s why I love The Skimm. It’s a (week)daily email that recaps the latest in global current events in a witty, humorous way. I read it first thing in the morning while I’m still laying in bed, so by the time I join Phil for breakfast, I’m already caught up on the latest news from around the globe. Then I can turn my attention to the really important stuff, like who Gwyneth Paltrow is dating. Kidding, kidding…kind of.

This is not a sponsored post – I genuinely love The Skimm and will recommend it to anyone and everyone.


  • Meredith {MarthaChartreuse}

    I have heard great things about The Skimm – will need to check it out! I have been using Brief Me for the most popular stories of the day.

  • Sarah

    I’m the same as you… I’m not at all great with current events. (In contrast, my husband reads the news every day and watches it every morning… guhh). So yeah, a friend told me about the skimm last year and I’m obsessed!