May 28, 2015

I broke my garbage disposal

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This Memorial Day, in a single morning, I managed to break and subsequently fix my garbage disposal. Here’s what went down: While maniacally cleaning out my pantry, I discovered two half-canisters of expired flour and, being of incredibly unsound mind, decided to dump the flour down the sink. (Note: If you are ever in this situation, dump it in the garbage.) As you can imagine, the flour and water formed a paste (did anyone else’s mind immediately go here?) and clogged up the sink and garbage disposal real nice. After about an hour of googling and using some very questionable tactics that I’d rather not repeat here for fear of backlash, since we all know that lots of plumbers read this blog, I managed to get both the drain and the disposal unclogged and running pretty much back to normal.

Although everything worked out okay in the end, my bout with the garbage disposal got me to thinking about home repairs, and how, save for this rare instance of keep-trying-until-something-works, I tend to call up the experts whenever something goes wrong. In a couple of years, we’re planning on buying a bigger home, and we’ve been toying with the idea of hanging onto our Pearl condo as a rental property. While this sounds good in theory, the reality of having to maintain two homes seems daunting (and expensive!).

So I’m curious – How do you handle home maintenance? Are you a do-it-yourselfer, or do you bring in the experts? I might start doing more home repair myself, now that I know I can. Popsugar has a list of 7 home repairs that are easy(ish) to tackle – maybe I’ll start there. I also found this article and this thread helpful for sussing out some of my questions about renting out our condo, in case you’re in the same boat.


May 26, 2015

buttoned up

Denim: Tortoise Jeans. T-Shirt: Whetherly. Blazer: Equipment. Flats: Loeffler Randall. Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff. Belt: J.Crew. Sunnies: Celine. Jewelry: David Yurman, Cartier.

Hope everyone had a nice long holiday weekend! We spent time in Bend with friends, and it was wonderfully relaxing, all to gear back up for a busy week ahead. I’ll keep this short and sweet, but will tell you these are my favorite jeans right now, most worn spring flats and what was a questionable blazer purchase at the time is now one of my most sophisticated pieces.


May 21, 2015

current events

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As embarrassing as this is to admit, I am lousy at staying on top of relevant current events. I can tell you who’s dating who in Hollywood, what Rachel’s hair looked like in every season of FRIENDS, and which famous food blogger is developing her second book (it’s Deliciously Ella – yay!), but I have a hard time recalling the state of affairs in the Middle East. It’s sad, really.

That’s why I love The Skimm. It’s a (week)daily email that recaps the latest in global current events in a witty, humorous way. I read it first thing in the morning while I’m still laying in bed, so by the time I join Phil for breakfast, I’m already caught up on the latest news from around the globe. Then I can turn my attention to the really important stuff, like who Gwyneth Paltrow is dating. Kidding, kidding…kind of.

This is not a sponsored post – I genuinely love The Skimm and will recommend it to anyone and everyone.


May 20, 2015

best of airbnb

One of the things we love most about traveling is experiencing what life is like in another part of the world, which is why we are big fans of AirBnB. What better way to immerse yourself in another culture and “live like a local” than to rent an apartment for a few days? We’ve stayed in AirBnB rentals in New York City, Palm Springs, Spain, even Portland, and have loved every experience. Here, we’ve scouted out a few gorgeous rentals that we’d love to visit.

New York
New York Luxury Apartment, 5 minutes to Times Square. $130 per night.

Austin Sparrow House, with ample outdoor space located in the heart of 78704 between South Congress and South Lamar. $249 per night.

Heidelberg Refurbished Room, 15 minutes to city center. $52 per night.

Palm Springs
Palm Springs Newly Renovated Mid Century Modern Home, with beautiful mountain views. $350 per night.

Do you typically rent through AirBnB when you travel, or do you like to stay in hotels? Any gems (or horror stories) we should be aware of?


May 19, 2015

love notes

Jacobsen Salt
{Fun evening with Jacobsen Salt}

Sparrow Bakery

{Best dang breakfast spot in Bend, OR}


{I couldn’t help myself with these front seat of characters}


{Nothing quite as pretty as a peony}