April 28, 2015


Photos via Pinterest

After about a year of rolling the hemline on one of my favorite fitting pair of jeans, I finally got around to taking them to the cleaners to be hemmed. When I got them back, they were not quite right. Something about the way they were cut, the bottom hem no longer sat flush against my leg and they were irritatingly wrong. I would put them on with something to see if my mind had changed since the last time I tried them, and I always ended up taking them off and storing in the back of my closet.

But something crazily simple dawned on me Sunday afternoon, cut the *hit hem off and look like super model, duh. So that’s what I did. I layed them out on the ground, took a quick guess at where I should run my scissors, and snip!

This super simple craft took no time at all, and transformed an article of clothing that I stopped wearing into something I’ll wear all the time. Have you altered an item of clothing at home? What was it, and how did it go?