March 25, 2015


veronica loves archie

Can you believe it’s already the end of March?! Time is flying by at warp speed these days, but at least that means summer is on its way, and with it, longer days, more outdoor adventures, and a generally slower pace. (Summer hours anyone?) Hope you had a great month, and here are a few links we’re browsing lately…

A genius styling tip.

This music concierge app is a game-changer. The “morning inspiration: rap and R&B” station is a personal favorite.

When owners start to resemble their pets.

Need these shorts for summer.

A beautiful kitchen makeover.

There have been moments when I would easily pay double (even triple) for this service.

This sandal trend is everywhere right now.

Made us laugh.

Pinned just about every one of the recipes in this collection.

J.Crew in a tube. Yasssss.

Fashion photo via veronica loves archie.