March 4, 2015

scent memory

smellPhoto credit unknown

Have you ever noticed that a particular scent can bring back a rush of vivid memories? While all senses are connected with memories, smell in particular sparks a flurry of emotional recollection. Every once in a while, you catch a whiff of something – an old boyfriend’s cologne, your mother-in-law’s laundry detergent, that can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it smell of grandma’s house – and you’re somehow transported right back to the time and place you associate it with.

Knowing that smell has the power to unlock forgotten memories, why not intentionally create scent memory triggers for special life events? One of our girlfriends wore a friend’s perfume on her wedding day (her something borrowed), and her husband ended up buying her a bottle because the smell brought back such happy memories of their big day.

Would you (or did you) wear a special fragrance on your wedding day? Did it create a scent memory for you? It would also be fun to try this with other events, like lighting a new scented candle your first night in a new home, buying new perfume to wear on a big trip, or baking cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning.