February 10, 2015


Surpriseimage via Piccsy

sur·prise, noun, an unexpected or astonishing event, fact or thing. Do you like surprises? Allen and I got engaged last week, and while we had the conversation about getting married many times before, I was completely shocked when he got down on one knee. I always thought I despised surprises, hated not “knowing”, but actually, I’ve learned I really love them.

I had always told him I would die of embarrassment if he chose to pop the question in public, the idea of it always made my cheeks grow hot, so when he decided to do it on a very normal Tuesday night, I practically said ‘yes’ before being asked.


P.S. One of my favorite proposalsThe Brain Likes Surprises, and just for fun, 11 People Who Really Hate Surprises.

  • Sarah

    SOOO exciting! Congratulations, Kelsey! You and Allen are so great together and you’re going to make such a beautiful bride! If you need a wedding planner recommendation, I am obsessed with mine and I think her and her whole team did an amazing job! Nora from Bridal Bliss (http://www.weddingwire.com/biz/bridal-bliss-lake-oswego/64545ff1152de5ac.html).

    I totally know what you mean about the surprises thing – I’m someone who likes to be prepared too. But I was totally surprised when Carter proposed and it made it that much sweeter… So I think it’s better that way 🙂

    • Kelsey

      Hi lovely, thank you for the nice note, we are both really excited! Um, your wedding looked fabulous, thank you for the recommendation! Hope you are well.