January 27, 2015

a weekly routine


We are people of routine. I have a yogurt every morning for breakfast. I bring a to-go coffee mug every day, filled with a little bit of half & half for when I fill it with coffee at work. I make the bed the same way, every day at roughly the same time. I watch the Today show from 7am unti 7:30am every morning. I pack my yoga bag the night before to take with me in the morning, kiss my boyfriend before bed and call my grandparents on occasion. We are people of routine.

However, there is one thing I’ve never found myself in a routine of, and that is dinner planning. One of Allen’s weekly  routines is to go to the grocery store every Sunday, with a list mind you. But if I had it my way, I would make “Kelsey surprises” until there was not a crumb left in our cupboards. I despise the effort of getting to the grocery store.

So, for 2015 I want to try something different. I want to try weekly dinner rituals where we each pick nights during the week to cook, whatever works best for our schedules that week, plan the menu, and own the responsibility of having dinner on the table when we say we will. I think that will help eliminate the nights where we both get home late from work and look at each other like, what’s for dinner? Who’s cooking? What do we have to make?

What do you think? Is this something you practice yourself? I’d love to know.

I love the predictability of it.