January 7, 2015

classpass review

Image via classpass.com

ClassPass is a monthly membership service that allows you to take nearly unlimited classes at various fitness studios around town. If you read this blog regularly, you might remember that we welcomed ClassPass to Portland last month and were looking forward to testing it out. Now that we’ve been using ClassPass for over a month, we can recommend it first-hand as an awesome service for anyone looking to add variety to their fitness routine. There were several criteria that we used to judge ClassPass, including how easy it was to use and whether or not it was worth the $99 per month fee. The following is our honest review.

How often did we use it?

Several times a week! There are so many different classes offered throughout the day that we could generally work out any time we felt like it.

What was our favorite class?

N: Firebrand Sports has a Pyrolates class that I became addicted to. You spend the entire 50-minute class on a “Megaformer” machine performing series after series of lean-muscle building movements. (Think sliding lunges, plank pikes, weighted donkey kicks, etc.) It’s like a barre workout on crack. I left every class feeling stronger, leaner…and totally exhausted.

K: The Bar Method studio offers a mixed level bar class that I love! I’ve taken other bar classes at different studios in the past, and found myself a little bored throughout class. The Bar Method keeps class engaging and challenging, all while being taught in a seriously stunning Pearl studio.

What was the best aspect of ClassPass?

Often times we get hooked on one type of excerise – and can land ourselves in a rut. With ClassPass, there is so much variety to try without the commitment of having to buy a pack of classes or a month membership.

Another surprising benefit of ClassPass is the accountability aspect. If you skip a class you signed up for or cancel less than 24 hours before class time, you are subject to a $20 late cancellation/no-show fee. Although this can be annoying, it’s actually great motivation for those of us who want to get a workout in before work but have a hard time getting up early in the morning. Avoiding that $20 fee got me out of bed for a 5:45 AM spin class more than once during my first month of ClassPass.

What was the worst aspect?

The 3 classes per studio limit! Although we love the variety of class offerings and exploring new studios, there are certain studios that became fast favorites that we wish we could visit over and over again. Unfortunately, there’s a 3 classes per studio per month limit with ClassPass, which means you can’t even visit a studio as often as once a week. That being said, I’m not sure we’d sacrifice the variety in favor of more frequent visits.

Was the membership worth $99 per month?

Hell yes. A typical gym or studio membership easily runs you $50-$100 per month and offers only a handful of class types. With ClassPass, 37 studios at 3 classes per month equals 111 possibilities. Assuming you take a class every day for 31 days of the month, you are looking at less than a $4 per class. Stop it.

How do we feel about the booking process?

Functionality-wise, classes are super easy to find and book through ClassPass’s online portal, but there are a couple of issues from a service perspective. For one, you sort of feel like a second class citizen when booking classes. Priority (understandably) goes to the studios’ loyal members, so only a limited number of class spots are available for booking through ClassPass. Also, you can’t reserve a class more than one week in advance. Because of this, we found that there were certain classes that we could never get into no matter how badly we wanted to take them. Such a bummer.

*Disclaimer: We received one month free-trials of ClassPass, but all opinions in this review are our own.