December 12, 2014

cafe castagna

My friend and I were in the mood to try a new restaurant earlier this week. We both wanted to try something new, but something we had heard good things about, which led us to Cafe Castagna. Have you been?  It seemed like an easy choice for a casual Tuesday night, and opted for the cafe instead of the dining room. The atmosphere was very relaxed upon walking in, a quiet night in the restaurant with a couple tables of 4-6 and a few locals at the bar.

We settled in and decided on their tasting menu to share family style. This allowed us a taste of nine dishes, and at the end of the meal, we were completely stuffed and totally satisfied.

Mac n' Cheese l TWELFTH AVENUE

When it comes to dining in Portland, we have so many options. I’m not sure Cafe Castagna hit my all-time most memorable dining experiences, but it sure was good. It was nice to just slow down at the end of the day, and relax over a glass of wine and yummy plates of food that were not prepared by me.

The holidays can be kind of crazy. We are so consumed by our to do lists, holiday shopping and other commitments, running from one thing to the next, that sometimes we miss the opportunities to enjoy ourselves. I’m trying to find time in each day to slow down, and chill out.

Cafe Castagna l TWELFTH AVENUE