November 25, 2014

marine layer loft

Marine Layer Loft

On a cold and windy evening in November, Phil I packed our overnight bags and hiked over to NW 23rd Avenue for a 14-hour staycation in our favorite city. Marine Layer invited me to spend a night in their recently launched AirBnB loft, conveniently located right above their store (via private entrance, mind you) in the heart of Portland’s Nob Hill. Who doesn’t love a sleepover?

Marine Layer Loft

After checking in and having a quick look around the loft (more on that later), we headed downstairs and a few steps to the right for dinner. One of the biggest selling points of the Marine Layer Loft is its location, right next to Bamboo Sushi (an outstanding sustainable sushi restaurant) and Salt & Straw (the reason for my being the best ice cream shop in the world – fight me on this, seriously, I dare you) on NW 23rd Ave. I know sushi and ice cream don’t exactly “go together”, but dinner and dessert are two very distinct meals in my opinion, no matter how much time passes between them, and I’m thoroughly convinced that there is a separate stomach for dessert which means I always have room. We ordered a few sushi rolls to share (including two “green machine” rolls – so so good), sucked down a couple of Sapporos, and made a beeline for Salt & Straw. After sampling a few of the Thanksgiving flavors, we ordered our split-scoops to-go (sweet potato casserole and salted caramel turkey for me) and waddled back upstairs to the loft for some R&R.

Marine Layer Loft

How comfortable does that leather couch look? I swear it is even more comfortable than you are imagining right now. Marine Layer really nailed it with the decor in their loft – Pendleton blankets, Stumptown coffee mugs, retro games, a record player, and a bed made for dreaming. I’m tempted to ask them where they sourced their linens, because my god, they feel luxurious. They also offer tons of amenities like free coffee, wine, liquor, and candy, premium bath accessories, and a roku, which is kind of perfect for a night spent snuggling on the sofa with my man. (Hey, it was a school night! We can’t all be party animals.)

Marine Layer LoftAfter changing into our cozies, I challenged Phil to a rousing game of Jenga, but got a little impatient and made a risky move that cost me the game. Kind of my MO. I also ate a few lemon heads out of that candy bowl up there, because apparently there is a third stomach for sour candies that I wasn’t aware of.

All in all, I cannot recommend the Marine Layer loft enough. It’s $150 per night, which is an absolute steal for this Portland location and all of the amenities that come with it. I’ll be sending my in-laws here the next time they visit from England and am already planning my next staycation. If you’re interested in staying at the loft, you can find all of the booking details here. Happy stay/vacationing!

I’m a huge fan of AirBnB in general, but I’m curious – what are your thoughts on AirBnB? Would you ever stay at an AirBnB loft owned by a retailer like Marine Layer?