November 11, 2014

ankle boots

My sleuth of a husband gifted me with these beautiful Madewell ankle boots for my birthday back in September, but I didn’t wear them out in public for a whopping two months. It’s not that I didn’t like them – look at them, they’re gorgeous – I just didn’t know how to wear them. I’d get an outfit idea in my head, try it on with the boots, shuffle around in front of the full length mirror for a while, and ultimately veto the whole ensemble.

But last week, after a lot of Pinterest photo analysis, I finally found the secret to styling them: Show a sliver of ankle. They’re now my go-to pair for adding it-girl cool factor to cuffed jeans. (Who What Wear also shared some great styling tips – love the skirt look.)

Here are a few other ankle boot options to experiment with: heeled, western, motomoccasinstrapped, stacked, suede

How do you style your ankle boots for fall/winter?


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