November 6, 2014

nuvrei mac bar

nuvrei mac bar | TWELFTH AVENUEnuvrei mac bar | TWELFTH AVENUE nuvrei mac bar | TWELFTH AVENUEnuvrei mac bar | TWELFTH AVENUE

Walking into Nuvrei is like transporting yourself to a quaint little Parisian café in NYC. It’s crowded, noisy, and smells like hot coffee and freshly baked croissants, just the way I like it. Phil and I go there every Valentine’s Day for breakfast – a silly little tradition that started on a whim but has become so, so special to me, even if it does mean waking up extra early. (News flash: I am not a morning person. You’re shocked, I know.) It’s the perfect neighborhood spot to grab a cup of coffee and indulge in something naughty like an almond croissant or fudgy chocolate cookie. Or, if you’re feeling particularly devilish, a sleeve of Parisian macarons…

Tucked beneath the bustling café, under the glow of a neon sign, is Nuvrei’s modern macaron bar, where you can order the soft, cream-filled cookies by the dozen (or half dozen, or just a single cookie, but what’s the fun in that?). Last night, chef/owner (and Portland native! woop woop!) Marius Pop opened Nuvrei’s doors for the official launch of the MAC BAR. Champagne was served, of course, along with artisan bagel sandwiches, platters of croissants, various pastries, and the fluffiest, most delicious Parisian macarons in various shades of fall (think reds, browns, golds). I was like a kid in a candy store French pastry wonderland, floating on a cloud of bubbles and carbs.

nuvrei mac bar | TWELFTH AVENUE nuvrei mac bar | TWELFTH AVENUENuvrei’s MAC BAR is open for business from 9am-5pm, Wednesday through Sunday. You can also get freshly baked croissants and drip coffee until 2pm. Treat Yo Self.