September 24, 2014


Cocktails l TWELFTH AVENUE {Cocktail stop at Bon Appétit’s Mercantile tent. Bartenders served up Grapefruit Mimosas, Gin Fizz and Pimm’s Cup cocktails, drink up!}
Parish Cinnamon Rolls l TWELFTH AVENUE {These warm, gooey cinnamon rolls were my first bite at Feast’s Tillamook Brunch on Sunday. Topped with bacon crumble they were the perfect combination of sweet and savory.}
Bloody Mary l TWELFTH AVENUE {Could you drool over this bloody mary bar? I don’t even like bloody mary’s, and this stop was my favorite part. Equipped with bacon, salami, radish, green olives and mozzarella balls. Pickled green beans, asparagus and jalapenos, and gobs and gobs of hot sauce. I was in heaven with a full plate.}
Feast Bags l TWELFTH AVENUE {Back for the second year, this guy was working the press, printing personalized Feast bags. Options for cherry red, tangerine orange or a sunny yellow. I went with yellow, the perfect grocery bag.}
Austin Meat l TWELFTH AVENUE {Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbeque from Austin, Texas sliced up what looked to be very juicy, flavorful brisket. Topped with Haas avocado, their breakfast taco was a huge hit!}
Eggslut l TWELFTH AVENUE {The guys from LA’s Eggslut were working it all morning with their bacon fried rice, kimchi puree and poached egg packaged in a neat, little aluminum tin. Perfect for shaking to get the ultimate bite. I reconsidered being a vegetarian watching people devour their rice bowls.}
Dave's Killer l TWELFTH AVENUE {Dave’s Killer Bread joined the party with simple toasts, pesto and heirloom tomato. Bon Appétit!}
Pine State Biscuits l TWELFTH AVENUE {Pine State Biscuits served up a classic, buttermilk fried chicken and cheddar smashed between two creamy buttermilk biscuits. People were so happy while waiting to get their fried chicken sandwich, they were offering me their spot in line while I took this photo from the front.}
Mother l TWELFTH AVENUE{And the mother of all mother’s, Lisa Schroeder of Mother’s Bistro spooning gravy for the next up!}

I was giddy all morning long, thank you Bon Appétit and Feast Portland for hosting this most spectacular event. See you next year!