August 14, 2014



Wanderlust: noun. a strong desire to travel.

Next month, my job is taking me to Europe for a short stint, so I’m seizing this opportunity to use up some PTO (seriously, have I not been taking days off? where did this vacation time come from??) and satisfy my wanderlust with a little European adventure. I’ll be spending time in Amsterdam and Oslo, visiting family (and getting back to my Swedish roots!) in Stockholm, and finally embarking on a whirlwind solo tour of Spain. I’ve never seen/read it, but I’m hoping for an Eat Pray Love self-discovery type of scenario on this trip, emphasis on the Eat, and maybe let’s replace the Pray with Yoga and add Drink (because, hi, sangria), so Eat Drink Yoga Love? Does that work? Whatever, I’ve heard about the churro and melted chocolate stands in Seville, so maybe we just call my as-yet-unwritten travel memoir Eat and be done with it.

I’ve spent very little time in Spain (a few days in Barcelona almost a decade ago) and have never visited The Netherlands, so I’m pretty desperate for advice for planning this trip.

Have you spent time in Spain or Amsterdam? What did you see? Where did you stay? What did you eat? Where did you shop? Any tips for travelling alone? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Nancy Watt Monroe

    Roses is a little city in Spain on the Sea that is absolutely awesome. We also spent time in Barcelona but it was so big and crowded, almost overwhelming. The Rambla (sp?) was fun but touristy. Most people in Spain do NOT speak English. Eating Paella is a must, it is the national food of Spain. Also drink the Sangria.


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