June 27, 2014


Portland is a very casual city. You can pretty much count on the fact that anywhere you go, if you’re dressed in nice jeans, you’ll be okay. Am I right? Well, I was wrong last night…

Natalie and I were invited by ELLE to join them at Seventy Seven Salon for complimentary consultations, DJ-spun tunes and desserts. Perfect! Except when I left my building in my jeans, espadrille flats and sweater to head to the event, something told me I was looking a little too casual. I ignored my gut (don’t they say never to do that?), and kept walking.

My trusty partner in crime had previous engagements to tend to, so I was goin’ it alone. Normally, that fact doesn’t bother me, but something about my casual look was making me insecure (there’s my gut again). The minute I hit the salon’s front door, I knew my gut was right…my look was oh so wrong.

The event’s photo booth, equipped with a stylish photographer, led into a buzzing crowd of fashionistas, hairstylists, enthusiasts of all kinds, and maybe some Portlanders incognito. Suit jackets accessorized by pocket squares, lovely dress ensembles paired with Manolo Blahnik’s and a lot of too-cool-for-school hair everywhere I looked.

In the end, awesome event that I love to see happening in Portland (thank you, ELLE, for the invite!), but next time, I’ll know to ask about dress code so I come in my most bangin’ dress and heels. A girl can always use an excuse to get dressed up.