June 4, 2014


Image via: Design Lines

I love candles, a lot. So when my mom introduced me to glassybaby a couple years ago, I’ve tried every way imaginable to get my hands on them. Whether its giving one as a gift or adding to my personal collection, I love choosing a color to suit my mood. These votive style candles are unscented, but unlike most other candles, the color is so delightfully unpredictable when lit, it’s my favorite part.

Made by hand in Seattle, Washington, a glassybaby candle consists of three layers of hand-blown glass. They are simply wonderful. Sorry mom, that you introduced these little beauties to me and will now receive one for every holiday, birthday and mother’s day. 

glassybaby l TWELFTH AVENUE
glassybaby l Natural
Images via: glassybaby.com

A couple of my favorites: Tangerine, LuckyLady Di, Poppy, Grace…okay, a few more than a couple.