April 21, 2014

to the store

test-l-TWELFTH-AVENUE Poncho: Nike. Tights: Lululemon. Sneakers: Nike. Sunnies: Ray Ban.

You might have thought this would be a post about my Easter brunch outfit, but you are more likely to see me in this look more often. This Nike poncho is one of my favorite pieces, so comfortable and effortlessly chic. I wear it from yoga to home, to the store and curled up to watch House of Cards.

Quite the faux pas mixing Nike and Lulu, but I couldn’t help it, Lulu’s tights fit me like a glove.

  • Alida

    Hi there,

    I looove the look of that poncho but can’t find it anywhere. Would love to purchase one…would you know where to find it? 🙂

    • Kelsey

      The poncho is from a couple years ago, but you may be able to find similar styles in Nike’s Tech Fleece collection. Happy shopping!