February 10, 2014

studded bow

Studded Bow

I had a birthday last weekend, and treated myself to this Christian Louboutin beauty. There is this great consignment shop on Polk Street in San Francisco that I have made a habit of stopping in on my birthday weekend, hoping to pick-up a sweet treat. I did good. The style is very different from what I am typically drawn to or even have in my closet now, but I think it will complement perfectly.

I love the classic red color and Louboutin signature touches, while still maintaining a little edge in the studs and shape. It’s not an every day bag, but definitely one that feels special.


It was the perfect birthday weekend loaded with dinner at SPQR, a hike along Lands End trail and a delicious dinner in, and cake, made by my sister and two girlfriends. Then it was off to work for me Monday morning, which is always a tough pill to swallow after such a fun, relaxing weekend.

Sorry for my absence last week, I know Natalie took good care while I was running frantic.