February 4, 2014


trending: crossbody bags | TWELFTH AVENUE(Photo via Sara Strand)
trending: crossbody bags | TWELFTH AVENUE(Photos via Carolines Mode and Style Saint)
trending: crossbody bags | TWELFTH AVENUE(Photos via Mija and F*ck Yeah Alexa Chung)

You know when a trend is silly and try-hard, but you love it anyway, even though you kind of hate yourself for being such a douche? Yeah, that’s me and this small, crossbody bag trend.

It’s not the smallness or crossbodiness of the bag that’s killing me (in a good way). It’s the way bloggers, street stylers, et al are wearing it – with a shorter strap looped crossbody style, encouraging the body of the purse to snuggle in right between the boob and the hip. Practically speaking, it’s actually an awesome way to wear it. All of your purse goodies are easy to find when your bag is that close to your face. But it does have that try-hard quality when worn by anyone that’s not Alexa Chung (seriously, Alexa, what is your secret?).


I have yet to test the short-strap-crossbody-mini-bag trend out myself, but I swear, that Alexa Chung shot is enough to make me tie a knot in the strap of my baby Cole Haan (above) and take it for a spin.

Would you ever wear this trend? Whether long- or short-strapped, here are a few mini crossbody bags to help you pull it off: