January 30, 2014

that gym scene

I finally joined the gym. The company I work for has some pretty amazing fitness facilities on site – two sports centers, a big indoor pool, spinning and yoga studios, a full line-up of classes, etc. etc. – and now that I’ve finally bitten the monetary bullet and signed up for a monthly membership, two things have become abundantly clear: (1) I am an idiot for waiting so long to join (I’ve been working there for two and a half years!). The classes are fantastic, and I love having the flexibility to work out whenever my schedule allows. (2) I need to step up my gym steez (Mom, FYI, steez = style with ease). I feel like such a loser in spin class when everyone around me is wearing cool patterned running tights and draped or cut-out tanks exposing sports bras with neon details, and I’m just pedaling away like a chump in my ratty grey t-shirt and black capris.

It’s about time I supplemented my dull workout wardrobe with some new pieces. Although I like to stick to a black/white/grey color palette, the neon accents in these Nike finds lend a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to the overall look, don’t you think?

that gym scene | TWELFTH AVENUE

Clockwise from top left: Nike Women’s Running Jacket ($400): For that quick dash from the car to the gym and beyond. Nike Pro Printed Sports Bra ($35): The vibrant pattern on this sports bra is too good to keep hidden. Nike Tailwind Loose Tank ($45): A simple shape with the perfect drape to expose that bright printed sports bra. Nike Legendary Tights ($95): My absolute favorite workout pant – I own several pairs already, but you can never have too many. Nike+ Silver FuelBand ($169): So glad Nike started making FuelBands with metallic accents. Nike Free Trainers ($105): Obsessed with these shoes. Nike Duffel Bag ($65): A good gym bag is essential to my locker room routine.