January 29, 2014


Bar{black + white couch and pillow play nicely with the abstract artwork}

While I may talk a lot about neutral simplicity, I love a good print as much as the next girl. As I’m working on my own home and putting this inspiration together, it makes me want to scratch everything and recreate. I need to find a balance and prioritize, and some patience would be nice too.

Leopard{only in my dreams}

Runner{I love the mixed printed pillows and curated art}

Girly{spotted femininity}

Striped{fun stripes in an otherwise neutral space}

Living{great mix of colors and patterns from the bookshelves to the tile}

Spotted{can you see a trend here?}

images via Pinterest

  • Sarah Helfgott

    Gorgeous! These are a lot of the same photos I have pinned on pinterest. Question for you: do you know who makes that leopard fabric? Those chairs have clearly been re-upholstered, but I can’t seem to track down the fabric online… And believe me, I’ve been looking.

    By the way, you may already know this but in case you don’t, that dotted dalmation-print kitchen chair was actually an ikea chair DIY done with a sharpie… Totally easy and do-able. You can read more about it here: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2012/10/more-sharpie-les-touches.html