January 27, 2014


Floral J.Crew l TWELFTH AVENUE Alexander Wang l TWELFTH AVENUE Detail l TWELFTH AVENUE Alexander Wang Booties l TWELFTH AVENUE J.Crew l TWELFTH AVENUE Dress: J.Crew. Blouse: J.Crew (similar here and here). Jacket: J.Crew. Booties: Alexander Wang. Beanie: J.Crew. Sunnies: Ray Ban. Jewelry: David Yurman.

It’s not very often I talk about a really great weekend, but last weekend was a really great weekend. Got my hair did, its blonde and I like it and then had Saturday morning brunch with some college lovelies. There’s not much else more fun than catching up with people you spent some of your best years with reminiscing about the stupid stuff you did and catching up on everyone’s awesome lives. Awesome I tell you. To cap it off, Allen and I went to Her Saturday night.

A really great book and a really great movie have something in common for me, I never want it to end and it leaves me talking about it for days. Her totally hit the spot, Allen and I loved it, and couldn’t stop talking about it all night. Everything from the acting and styling to the colors and deep, romantic, emotional connections was just fascinating. There was never a point where I was guessing or assuming what was going to happen next, it is original and fresh, oh so fresh.

We played golf on Sunday morning (remember this?), it was like pulling teeth for me to commit, but it was super fun. And then hung tight for the epic TV line-up that was Sunday afternoon / evening. I know you are nodding your head agreeing. Grammy’s Red Carpet on to Keeping Up With The Kardashians on to 60 Minutes (okay, maybe that was just me) on to Grammy Awards on to The Bachelor: Sean / Catherine (commercial breaks, sorry about it). J&B brought the house down. B’s moves empower me from my couch. I don’t know how she does it.