January 23, 2014

self edge: jean saviours

Self Edge | TWELFTH AVENUE(Photo by Amigo Alex)

Remember that busted up pair of boyfriend jeans I was yammering about the other day? Well, apparently the jean gods’ ears were burning, because not even a day after declaring that it was time to get them fixed, an invitation popped up in my inbox for brewskis and free jean repair at Self Edge, a boutique down Union Way that specializes in high quality Japanese denim (and boasts a seriously impressive 1950’s Singer Darning machine).

Self Edge | TWELFTH AVENUE(Photo by Amigo Alex)


Husband/Wife duo Kiya and Demitra Babzani opened their Portland outpost back in August 2013 (they also own stores in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco). This was my first visit to Self Edge, and I gotta say, I can see why Kiya and Demitra decided to open up shop here – their raw denim, heavy shirts and outerwear, and leather accessories speak directly to the Portland aesthetic. (Reason #2? They truly love Portland and wanted an excuse to spend as much time here as possible. God I love them.)

Self Edge | TWELFTH AVENUE(Photo by Amigo Alex)

Self Edge denim repair | TWELFTH AVENUE

After cracking open a pale ale and having a quick look around the shop, I was whisked away, holey jeans in hand, to meet Becca, Self Edge’s resident denim repair expert. That’s right, in addition to slinging their wares, Self Edge offers a full range of denim repair services, from darning holes to replacing zippers to fixing torn pockets. I handed over my tattered JOE’S and within, I swear, twenty minutes, Becca had stitched up the crotch good as new.

I’ll be honest, this service is the real draw of Self Edge for me. Up until this point, I’ve always assumed a busted pair of jeans is destined for the trash (or a really uncomfortable patch job and then the trash), but after experiencing Self Edge’s denim repair first hand, I feel like my favorite pairs of jeans can live forever (and at a flat fee of $40 no less – a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a brand new pair). Self Edge (and Becca!) are well worth a visit. Find hours and location here.