January 7, 2014


TWELFTH AVENUE(Photo via Glitter Guide tumblr)
TWELFTH AVENUE(Photos via Who What Wear and Columbine Smille)
TWELFTH AVENUE(Photo via Glitter Guide tumblr)

Someone drop a “you are here” sticker on these photos, ’cause straight leg cropped denim is where it’s at. No cuffs, no fuss, just big, baggy comfort. IDGAF-cool at its best. As modeled by the street stylers above, these jeans are best worn with oversized jackets and/or slouchy sweaters and a killer pair of footwear (there is zero leg lengthening happening with these jeans, so take the opportunity to wear your snazziest pair of heels if the occasion calls for it). A great bag and messy hair are also welcome additions.

(Photo via Twelfth Avenue)

Before writing this post, I had been debating whether or not to get the crotch hole in my comfiest pair of JOE’S boyfriend jeans fixed – and by getting them fixed I, of course, mean begging my mom to patch them up – but the debate is over. Baggy ankle swingers are the jean of the season, and for once (after a little mending), I am readily equipped with a pair of my own. Come, please, join me in comfortable chicness.