December 31, 2013


A little more than a year ago, Kelsey and I launched Twelfth Avenue together, and man, what a year it has been. I had so much fun with the blog this year, finding new recipes, combing my wardrobe for old items to wear in new ways, brainstorming reading lists and seasonal guides to share with you, and generally just having a good time embarking on this adventure with one of my best friends.

When I look back at my posts from 2013, I must admit, I wish I could delete a few of them (not naming names, but a certain floral skirt look comes to mind). Honestly though, what’s the fun in that? If nothing else, for better or worse, those posts serve as a reminder of my ever-evolving style and will give my future children a good laugh one day.

Of course, not all posts from 2013 are cringeworthy… Below I’ve compiled my top five favorite posts from 2013:

The stationery DIY I posted back in January took soooo long to shoot. By the time I finished the cards, my hands and camera were coated in ink and embossing powder, and I had 100+ photos to edit. Fortunately, I was so pleased with the finished product that I didn’t mind!

I posted a lot of recipes on the blog in 2013, including fresh salads, decadent desserts and a particularly incredible pasta dish, but the nut and seed bread recipe I posted back in March stands out as one of my absolute favorites. Part of the fun in reflecting on the past year in blogging is being reminded of some pretty stellar recipe discoveries. Excited for what’s to come out of the kitchen in 2014!

I am still so in love with the royal blue dress and chunky heeled sandals from this outfit post back in July. (The dress will most likely make an appearance out tonight with opaque tights and closed toe heels.) And hey, remember when I had ridiculously long white-blonde hair? Crazy.

Back in August, I told you guys about my first ever lobster boil, which was everything I’d dreamed it would be and then some. My mouth waters as I think back to those succulent bites of butter drenched lobster meat.

Capping it off with my favorite outfit post from 2013: The embellished chambray shirt and leather skirt combo from November. Phil actually took these photos in about five minutes while we were grabbing a bite to eat downtown. The light just happened to be perfect, I was still sporting my Hawaiian tan, my hair was curling just right and, what can I say, it was magic. Sometimes we spend fifteen minutes snapping and posing, trying to get one good photo, and nothing turns out, so when things come together on a whim, it is a very special day.

That does it for 2013! Hope you all had a very merry holiday season and are looking forward to the new year ahead!