December 9, 2013


Ray Ban l TWELFTH AVENUE Pullover l TWELFTH AVENUE Current Eliott l TWELFTH AVENUE Detail l TWELFTH AVENUE J.Crew l TWELFTH AVENUEDenim: Current Elliott (similar here). Turtleneck: J.Crew (similar here). Pullover: J.Crew. Boots: J.Crew (similar here). Sunnies: Ray Ban. Handbag: Louis Vuitton.

To say that it was anything but frigid in the city this weekend would be a bold-faced lie, frigid. I find this weather hard to dress for, because you have to bundle in layers while you are in transit, but as soon as you get to your destination you are immediately sweating. I really hate that. So instead of bundling on Saturday night, like I should have, I decided to wear a t-shirt and scarf under my pea coat. Not only did I feel a little silly in a t-shirt, but I was cold, duh. I’ll sweat next time.

Speaking of sweating (seriously, how did I get here?), this J.Crew pullover is so toasty warm and deliciously big, I love it. It was perfect for my Sunday errands and running around.

  • Sarah Helfgott

    LOVE that sweater! So cute and cozy.

    I know what you mean about the layers. I’ve never been a big fan of tons of layers because I get hot/ claustrophobic, so this weather has really thrown me through a loop, too!