December 4, 2013

gift guide: for him

Gift Guide For Him

I think men are kind of tricky to shop for, unless of course you are my dad who enjoys shopping and knows exactly what he likes, but let’s be honest, that’s not most dudes. So, I asked Allen what he wanted for Christmas, and his response was, pants for work and boots for his rainy walks home from class. Fun.

It got me thinking, what do guys love to get for Christmas? I think it all depends on the person, but anyone have any real winners they can share? Either way, I had fun collecting items from around the web, who knows, maybe a couple will find themselves under the tree this year.

J.Crew Slim Secret Wash Shirt ($69.50) – Every guy can use a new button down for the new year.

Tiffany & Co Stitch Money Clip Wallet ($250) – This wallet is masculine, sturdy and I love the pop of blue. Would a guy approve of me referring to his wallet  as a pop of color? Probably not.

Tiffany & Co Classic Square Decanter ($155) – Men and their bars. I won’t say nothing about it so long as this beautiful decanter is apart.

Carhart Men’s Watch Hat ($7.99!) – A man in a beanie, can you say David Beckham sexiness? He probably wears Carhart beanies, right?

Timberland Quarryville Tall Boot ($200) – I won’t say these are the boots that will get Allen from class to home, because I’ve already been put on notice that they aren’t waterproof, but I think these are pretty good looking.

Nike Air Max 90 Premium Sneakerboot ($140) – Because whynot? I’ve been eyeing the women’s sneakerboot for sometime now, wouldn’t it be cute to match. Not.

Ebony Wood iPhone Case ($38) – I kind of feel like everyone loves a new cell phone case, but never an item they want to purchase themselves. I like the manliness of this Ebony Wood iPhone Case.

Ray Ban Aviator ($144.95) – Pair these babies with those boots and beanie, dang…I’ll say no more.