November 22, 2013


juice cleansing | TWELFTH AVENUE

I don’t have a recipe for you guys today. I’m sorry. Usually, I cook, photograph and write about my recipe on a Saturday or Sunday, but last weekend, I was face deep into a three-day juice cleanse with Portland Juice Press (cross that one off the bucket list!). Although the first couple of days were horrible (headaches, nausea, the works), I am really glad I stuck with it, because by day three, my skin was radiant and I felt more energetic and healthy than I have in years. (Honestly, I think part of the reason juice cleanses are so expensive is to prevent you from throwing in the towel on day one.)

I’m curious, have any of you done a juice cleanse? What was your experience? Would you do another? Although I can’t afford to cleanse all the time, I’m thinking about making green juice part of my daily diet.

  • Mallory

    Love PJP. I’ve done their 3 day cleanse a few times (once with our whole office) and felt amazing afterwards. I also love doing partial cleanses by replacing a lunch or dinner with a juice — I feel light without having to completely starve. Not to mention, the gals that started this business are so fun and fantastic.

    • Natalie

      Good call on the partial cleanse! I wonder if the gal working the counter when I picked up my juices was an owner, because she was so, so great.

  • Jenna W.

    Yes! I did a juice cleanse in October and had the same reactions as you did. The headaches were the worst but on the last day, I felt fabulous! Also, I had the best night sleep that night too. It’s amazing! The juice cleanse I did was with Crave and Glow but I also love Portland Juice Press. I have smoothies/juices in the mornings now whenever I have the ingredients…I think it is a great practice!