November 20, 2013

reading list

Reading List copy
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Since it was published last month, this book has popped up on more must-read lists that I can count. Cannot wait to delve into this powerful narrative of loss, obsession and survival.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. Twenty-four-year-old Cahalan had a promising life ahead of her, until a mysterious disease left her strapped to a hospital bed, unable to move or speak, with no recollection of how she got there. “An award-winning memoir and instant New York Times bestseller that goes far beyond its riveting medical mystery, Brain on Fire is the powerful account of one woman’s struggle to recapture her identity.” –

Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly. I have suggested both Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln here on the monthly reading list, and now it’s time for O’Reilly’s latest, Killing Jesus. This will change the way you read history.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. If you haven’t read the Hunger Games trilogy, you better get on it before the big movie premiere of the second book, Catching Fire hits theaters this week. Without giving too much away, the capitol is angry after the annual Hunger Games and wants revenge.