November 13, 2013

coveting copyIt would be so cool if I went home tonight, and this jacket just magically appeared in my closet. Oh the places it would go and see, please? I realize the cost is a little unrealistic, but for the amount of wear I’d get from this beauty, it’s worth it (you hear that Allen?). Yeah, right.

What are your thoughts on the navy color? I bought my first leather jacket when I was in college, and chose black because it felt the most versatile, but I’m not actually so sure anymore. Isn’t navy kind of like the new black? While I still love all things black, there is something feminine about the navy that I like a lot.

Time to start squirreling away my pennies for this pretty. P.S. you  know that feeling when you really want something, you can almost imagine wearing it with everything? I hate that when you don’t own it.