October 1, 2013

brunch at broder

Broder l TWELFTH AVENUE We celebrated Natalie’s birthday a bit late last weekend at Broder on SE Clinton Street. All the hype was pretty accurate, and the brunch was simply delicioso. You really must try it if you haven’t yet, I mean, does the line not speak for itself? We arrived around 8:45am before they opened at 9am, and were able to stake out middle of the pack and get seated in the first wave of diners. It’s a small dining area, so I recommend getting in line a few minutes early so you can make it in first. Who doesn’t want to be first?

Broder Line l TWELFTH AVENUE Sweets l TWELFTH AVENUE Menu l TWELFTH AVENUEWe didn’t have a lot of variety around our table, baked eggs for everybody, but that didn’t impact the taste or pure enjoyment had by all. Boys also ordered bloody’s, because boys will be boys, and that’s what they do. I had a bite of the pickled veggies on top (can’t say I love bloody mary’s, something about the resemblance to tomato soup I just can’t do), so I can speak to the accessories that it was tangy and delicious.

Fun l TWELFTH AVENUE This is what happens when you give Allen the camera. He snaps a million pictures, which is great, but very few are clear and you are usually laughing (unattractively if you are me).