August 19, 2013



We moved on Friday, so there hasn’t been much time for anything but unpacking, organizing, Goodwill-ing and more unpacking. But really, the place is starting to come around in only a couple days, so I have hope that we will be able to achieve our goal of being totally situated a month into living together.

Change is a funny thing. I was really excited about the move, but when it came time to packing my old apartment and boxing everything up, I felt nostalgic about my little space for one. Something about seeing it lifeless made me sad – so sad that I had to leave immediately Thursday night and when I had to return for a brief minute before meeting up with my new landlord, I sat in the lobby, because I couldn’t bear to see it so lonely. I’m not the only one that gets this way, right?

I knew that the minute we were in the new place, my lonely feelings for my studio apartment would be long gone, and they were. I am now consumed with thoughts of duvet covers and task lamps, finding an extra-long shower curtain liner, coffee makers and microwaves – and one cannot forget the closet. I unpacked everything of Allen’s before starting my journey through mountains of shoes and piles of clothing and jackets. There is a garment rack being bought somewhere as we speak. Wish me luck, and more pictures soon as the place comes together.