August 15, 2013



As a permanent member of the pale persuasion, I gotta tell ya, next to nothing makes me feel as good as a spray tan from Jesslin. My abs look flatter, my arms leaner, and a healthy, organic glow radiates from my otherwise translucent skin. As much as I would love a natural tan, it would take, not even joking, about 10,287 hours of direct sunlight to turn my ivory skin even the lightest shade of bronze, and who has that kind of time? Plus, you know, skin cancer. So it’s spray tans for life for me.

Of course, going under the bronzing nozzle can get expensive ($30 a pop plus tip), so I schedule my spray time sparingly. This weekend, I’ll be attending two weddings, and I have the most lovely light pink dress queued up to wear to at least one of them (Kelsey says I can wear it to both if I accessorize differently since the guest lists don’t overlap, but I don’t know, might look kinda deja vu if captured on instagram). The shade of fabric really begs for a tan, so I nipped into Jesslin’s salon last night to get my standard #10. Needless to say, I’ve had a spring in my step all morning.