August 7, 2013

coffee can herb garden

Coffee Can Herb Garden | TWELFTH AVENUEFlea markets are so much fun. Yes, there is a lot of junk to weed through and some of the booth bitches sellers can be a bit persnickety, but when you unearth a real treasure piece at just the right price point, it’s like finding gold. I recently scooped up these charming coffee tins at a flea market in Bend, Oregon with the intent of repotting my herb garden indoors. This will be my first foray into indoor gardening, so wish me luck! (No, but seriously, these plants are going to die. I feel so bad already. But these coffee cans are so perfect I have to at least try.)

In an attempt to delay the inevitable (the inevitable being the death of my herbs), I read up on some indoor gardening tips, the most notable being the importance of drainage. For containers without drainage holes, it’s a good idea to put down a layer of gravel so that water can leak out of the soil, but there is still a big risk of stagnant water pooling at the bottom of the container and affecting the health of the plant. To be safe, I nailed drainage holes right through the bottom of my coffee cans and put down a layer of gravel. Let’s see that water try to stagnate now, baby!

Growing an herb garden not only makes me feel like a domestic goddess, but it saves a bundle in grocery costs as well. And let’s be honest, freshly picked herbs are so much more delicious than store bought. My herbs of choice are mint, basil and oregano – I like to sprinkle fresh mint over summer salads and use it to flavor sparkling water, basil has a million different uses, obviously (nothing beats homemade pesto), and oregano is the perfect complement to Mediterranean dishes like baked feta, pasta sauce and grilled fish. Here’s hoping my delicious herbs survive the move indoors!


Coffee Can Herb Garden
makes three potted herbs

You’ll need:

3 empty coffee cans (or other pot of your choosing)
Hammer and nail (if creating drainage holes)
Potting soil
Loose rocks/gravel
3 herb plants

Coffee Can Herb Garden | TWELFTH AVENUE

If using coffee cans, begin by hammering a nail through the bottom of each can in a few different places to allow drainage. Then place a couple handfuls of gravel or loose rocks in the bottom of each can to create a drainage layer.

Coffee Can Herb Garden | TWELFTH AVENUE

Working with one can at a time, add a thin layer of potting soil on top of the gravel layer, leaving enough room between the soil and the top of the can for the roots of your herb plant.

Coffee Can Herb Garden | TWELFTH AVENUE

Place your plant on top of the soil layer and massage the roots into the soil. Top with additional potting soil to fill in the gap between the edge of the can and the base of the plant.

Coffee Can Herb Garden | TWELFTH AVENUE

Display your potted herb plants in a light filled space near the kitchen for easy access.