July 3, 2013

shared space

Allen and I are making the jump and moving in together in September, so my mind is racing with ideas of ways to decorate for a shared space. We have a loft lined up in the Pearl, which is great and very urban living, but I’m still kind of holding out for a place with a bedroom. You know, one with a door. We both currently live in studios, which has been perfect for living alone, but I’m pretty tired of having my bed in my living room or falling asleep to the sweet smells of whatever I cooked that night.

The building has really cool features with exposed brick, cement flooring and stainless steel ceiling fans, so there is quite a lot we can do with it. Let the inspiring begin (or continue…)

Bookshelf_TWELFTH AVENUEImage credit: mackenziehoran.com & theneotraditionist.com

I want to incorporate bookshelves to our space, and whether it’s used for my shoes, books or accessories, it could work nicely to separate our bedroom and living room area.

Gallery Wall_TWELFTH AVENUEImage credit: Flickr & Tumblr

After having a gallery wall above my bed for awhile, they lost some of their luster for me. But, that’s not to say they don’t add a lot of character to a room, because they do, and I want to try bringing one back with some cool art and objects (maybe Allen will let me hang his bikes on the wall).

Oriental Rug_TWELFTH AVENUEImage credit: desiretoinspire.net & Knight Moves

I have a real thing for oriental rugs. It may have something to do with the fact that my mom always kept several in our house growing up and conveniently still has them ready for me to use. You could describe my interior style as being eclectic, and I think an oriental rug brings personality while staying neutral enough to mix other prints or texture.

Accessories_TWELFTH AVENUEImage credit: The Glitter Guide, Between You & MeThe Aestate, Tumblr, Meagan Campveronicalovesarchie.com, Belle Vivir, Habitually Chic

This is what I call, pretty little odds and ends. I think accessorizing your space is so important, it’s what makes a house a home (or in our case, a rented apartment into a chic urban dwelling). Allen has already warned me that we won’t own wherever we live, which is his way of telling me to chill out. Unfortunately for him, chilling out isn’t something I’m very good at.