June 6, 2013

summer booties part 2

TWELFTH AVENUE TWELFTH AVENUE TWELFTH AVENUEJacket: Leith. Dress: Anthropologie. Booties: DV by Dolce Vita. Bag: Cole Haan (similar herehere and here, inexpensive version here).

Remember those summer booties I told you about? Well, the weather finally cooperated last weekend, and I wore them no less than three days in a row, including out to dinner on the East side with Kels and our boys. I love ’em, even though the long tassels create the sensation that my shoelaces are untied all the time. Generally, I can’t wear casual sneakers with laces because something about the way I walk (wayward ankle flicking?) causes the bows to go suicidal on me unless I double-knot them, which even my husband knows to be a footwear faux-pas unless performing some rigorous athletic activity, and even then, he pokes fun. (Hey man, would you rather I double-knot or injure myself in some freak shoelace tripping accident?!)

As you can see, these booties have no laces, so I’m in the clear. They do have some pretty sweet ankle cutouts, however, which I’m fingers-crossed-hoping will prevent the inevitable stank that accompanies sockless boot wearing, especially in the warm summer months ahead. And on that disgusting note, I bid you bye bye bye. Go get your summer jam on.