June 5, 2013

sen yai

sen yai - twelfth avenue

I wanted to really love Sen Yai, but I don’t think it was the ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t live without each other love. See what I just did there? It was good, yes, but it wasn’t mind blowingly good. It gets extra points for the outdoor seating, because for anyone who lives in Portland on a sunny day, you need the outdoor seating. But the noodles were kind of something I might have been able to whip up at home and I wasn’t convinced that the rice dish that was ordered was 100% satisfying…

…but, the homemade mango ice cream was a whole nother story. The little cup was full of creamy, silky, flavorful goodness. Yes, I will take another half pint of that, thank you.

noodles - twelfth avenue

ice cream - twelfth avenue

I’m trying to keep it real here, would I go back? Yes, I would go back on a warm summer evening with good friends to share some red peanuts and homemade ice cream. Yes, I will be back.

sen yai noodles - twelfth avenue